Ways a Security Screen Door Enhances a Home

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One upgrade that will improve your home's kerb view while making your house more comfortable and safe is a security screen door. Consider the following ways these barriers enhance a residence.


These doors add an extra layer of security to your home. A properly labelled security door has passed Australian standards, specifying the door's construction and installation. It also needs to pass various standardised tests that show the door is almost impenetrable to get past. One such test involves an attempt to slash the screen. The door is also subjected to heavyweights that try to force it down and attempts to pry it open. Thus, you can feel assured that these barriers make it extremely tough for burglars to break down.

Breezy Ambience

A security door lets you open your home to outside breezes while keeping it safe. You may have been inside on a hot, stuffy night, wishing you could open the front door. If you install one of these security barriers, you can let the refreshing evening air waft inside. You can also fit security doors at the back of your house, across wide patio doors or other openings. Thus, you'll be able to let the wind stream through the entire home, which may indirectly reduce your air conditioning bills as well.

Barrier to Entry

If someone rings your front doorbell, you have no protection once you open the door. However, a locked security door blockades the entrance, though you can see and talk to the person outside. Your home will be safer without you opening your house to a complete stranger with no protection.

Stylistic Elements

Security screen doors can also add a stylistic element to the kerb view. As well as installing a screen model, you can install a design with a moulded metal grill. You could opt for classic scrolls and filigrees. Otherwise, you may pick a pattern of repeated rectangles that looks more industrial. You can also use the door's colour to emphasise or blend it with the facade. For example, select a bright cobalt blue door to create a focal point or fit a white door that matches the window trim to make it more obscure.

Keeps Insects Out

The screen on security doors also keeps flies, bees, mosquitoes and other bugs out of your home while improving its safety. As such, you can open your house and not have to worry about pesky insects.

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