Are Aluminium-Framed Windows Worth the Extra Cost?

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There can be little doubt that aluminium windows look good, especially in modern settings, but they cost more than uPVC ones. Although they are not necessarily more expensive than traditional, wooden frames, they will mean spending more if you are replacing the windows and doors of your home. Therefore, many Australians understandably ask whether the extra expenditure is worth it. Here's why many people think it is.

Greater Tensile Strength

You might not need a great deal of tensile strength for a small bathroom window, but tensile strength comes into its own with large picture windows and bigger expanses of glazing. Essentially, the tensile strength inherent in aluminium means that frames made with it can bridge longer distances without warping compared to other materials. Therefore, if you want patio aluminium doors or floor-to-ceiling windows without any framework in the way to break up the view, this metal should be your number one choice.

A Coordinated Look

Aluminium windows look especially good when they are installed alongside aluminium doors. That said, they can also create a coordinated look even if you have other materials in use at the moment. By powder coating aluminium, it is easy to give it any finish you like, which means its silvery appearance will be hidden. That said, you can also leave it in its natural state for a much more contemporary look.

Ultra-Low Maintenance

Because extruded aluminium frames are durable, they can withstand bumps and scrapes without any issues. Even better, you won't need to paint them as you do with wooden window frames. They won't need resealing either. All you need to do is to wipe them over once in a while when you clean your glazing. Given how long they will last far, this means that there is a significant saving to be made in terms of on-costs compared to other framing materials, something you need to factor in when weighing up the initial outlay they require.

Thermal Insulation

Another property of aluminium windows is that they keep the heat of the sun out when they're installed. In fact, aluminium is a good conductor of heat so you might think they wouldn't be good in this regard. However, window manufacturers now use thermal break technologies in their frames to separate the outer side of the window from the inside, thereby ensuring your home won't overheat in the summer months.

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