Helpful Tips for Buying Sliding Glass Doors for Your Apartment Complex

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If you're having an apartment complex built, then adding sliding glass doors might be in your plan. If you're renovating your older apartment complex and if that complex already has sliding glass doors, you could be thinking about replacing them with new sliding glass doors. In either of these cases, if you're buying sliding glass doors for your apartment complex, the advice here will probably help you out.

Decide Whether Sliding Glass Doors Are a Good Choice

Sliding glass doors can make smaller apartments look more spacious and can provide a great view. They offer natural light and don't take up a ton of space. For these reasons, you might think your tenants will really enjoy sliding glass doors. However, they can be expensive and can cause security concerns if you aren't careful, so these are things you may want to think about as well. In the long run, you will probably find that sliding glass doors are a good choice.

Take Measurements Carefully

When ordering sliding glass doors, make sure that you take careful measurements of the units in your apartment building. If you're replacing sliding glass doors in an existing building, you may want to take measurements in each unit, just in case there are differences between the different units. After all, retrofitting the unit so that an improperly sized sliding glass door can be installed can be expensive and time-consuming.

Make Sure They Lock Securely

Of course, you will want your tenants to feel safe and secure in their units when you install sliding glass doors. Therefore, you should make sure they lock securely. You should also consider providing your tenants with security bars that they can add to the tracks of their sliding glass doors when they aren't in use since this can prevent anyone from prying the door open.

Consider Adding Window Tint

Although you can certainly install sliding glass doors and leave them as-is, consider adding window tint to them. Then, your tenants can enjoy a nice view but can have some privacy, too. Plus, the tint can help with energy efficiency.

Ask if You Can Get a Discount

When purchasing just one or two sliding glass doors for one or two units, you probably don't expect to get a discount. If you are purchasing new sliding glass doors for most or all of the units in your complex, however, you might just qualify for a discount of some sort for buying so many sliding glass doors at one time.

Contact a local sliding door supplier to get more tips.