3 Types of Blinds That Allow a Good Amount of Sunlight

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The best thing about window blinds is that you can adjust them to suit your specific needs. This alone makes them superior to other window treatments like curtains. But as well as privacy and style, some homeowners want their blinds to allow a good amount of sunlight into their homes. Not all window blinds are equal in this respect.

If you are looking for window blinds that give you a good amount of light, consider the following three options. 

1. Roller blinds

Roller blinds are probably the best option for letting in as much light as possible. This is because you can roll your roller blinds all the way up to the top of your window on sunny days to let in the maximum amount of sunlight. You can still let in a good amount of sunlight even when roller blinds are closed. To let in as much sunlight as possible, choose a light-coloured fabric or even a mesh-type fabric that allows sunlight to pass through easily while still giving you maximum privacy.

2. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are similar to roller blinds when it comes to the simplicity of using them. This is because vertical blinds are light and easy to open. When you want to open up your blinds on sunny days, you can simply roll them to one side of the window. This will give you the maximum amount of sunlight.

And, just like roller blinds, you can still allow in a good amount of sunlight with your vertical blinds closed. To let in more sunlight while maintaining privacy, you can simply angle the louvres to let in light and keep out prying eyes. You can also choose vertical blinds that only cover half of your window.

3. Venetian blinds

Of the three types of blinds, these are perhaps the most difficult to open and close. But if you prefer this classical style over the other two styles, you can still allow in a good amount of sunlight. Venetian blinds can open all the way to the top of a window to let in maximum sunlight. And when you want privacy and light, you can close your blinds and angle the louvres to let in reflected sunlight.

If sunlight is important to you, then these three types of blinds are right for your home. You don't have to just settle for one style either. You can combine all three types to maximize the amount of light your home receives on sunny days.