Which type of skylight is best for your home?

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Skylights are an attractive way to let natural light into your home. With such a huge variety on the market, however, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here is a quick guide to some of the more popular types.

Fixed skylights

Fixed skylights have the name because they do not open. They are suitable only if you will not need them to provide extra ventilation. They are suitable for any kind of roof where the room below needs the extra light but should not be installed where they are likely to face the sun directly. This is because they may make the room below too hot and stuffy. They can be quite large and can, therefore, provide a lot of extra light.

Ventilating skylights

These have the advantage over fixed skylights in that they can be opened to let the air in as well as light or to let hot or damp air out, from a bathroom for example. You should consider whether ventilation is necessary before deciding which type of skylight is best. They can be opened by hand or by remote if they are awkwardly located — they can even have an automatic sensor that will open them according to the temperature.

Tubular skylights

A tubular skylight is a smaller skylight that directs the light down a tunnel to a particular area of the house, such as a hallway, small room, or walk-in wardrobe. The reflective nature of the tunnel means that the skylight can be placed on the part of the roof that gets the most light, regardless of where the light is needed inside. However, the window itself will not be as large as it is with other skylights.

Pyramid skylights

These form a pyramid on the roof of your house rather than a flat piece of glass. This allows them to collect light from all directions and to keep illuminating the room below throughout the day. They are usually fixed in place and so cannot be opened and are best installed on a flat roof with open surroundings, where there are no trees or other buildings to obscure the light.

A skylight installer will be happy to answer any further questions and will ensure that you choose the skylight best suited to your needs. Get in touch today and you will be on your way to a brighter home. Look for a local provider.