Reasons to Install Indoor Blinds in Your Home

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When researching window coverings, you'll come across an extensive range of materials, colours and styles. One option that suits virtually every room in the home is blinds. Consider the following reason to install these coverings in your home. 

Clean Look

Blinds give windows a clean and minimal look that you can't achieve with curtains. Folds of fabric take away from the clean straight vertical and horizontal lines of the window. On the other hand, blinds — whether horizontal or vertical — mimic these straight lines. This neat effect helps to create a spacious feel in small rooms.

Variety of Materials

Blinds offer choices in materials, including timber, aluminium and faux-wood. Thus, you can pick the most appropriate option for each room. Timber brings a classic warmth into the decor and is available in different shades of tan and brown. Faux wood blinds, using vinyl, display a naturalistic grain to mimic the real thing, but they don't rot and warp in humid environments like actual timber can. Thus, faux wood is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Being naturally rust-resistant, aluminium blinds can work anywhere in the home. You'll have a wide array of colours, including classic white.

Vertical or Horizontal Options

While you may picture traditional horizontal designs when thinking of indoor blinds, you can also install vertical blinds. Horizontal louvres give a room a classic look even though they suit different decors such as boho-chic, traditional, or modern. The material you choose goes a long way towards harmonising with a distinct appearance. For instance, timber suits casual settings, while white or crisp charcoal can enhance formal atmospheres. 

Vertical blinds — suited to large windows and doors —are more unmistakably modern. The slats can be wider, and they typically reach the floor for an elegant look that gives the effect of a wall divider. Another difference is that vertical blinds can use fabric. Though you can combine horizontal blinds with curtains, you wouldn't normally do this with vertical styles. 

Privacy Control

Blinds offer control over privacy as you can filter the view by swivelling the cords and the slats. Both vertical and horizontal forms allow you to cover the window partially. With horizontal blinds, you can pull them upwards to reveal the bottom part of the window and let bright sunlight into the lower parts of the room. Thus, you have brightness without too much glare and light in your eyes. Similarly, vertical blinds allow you to open them halfway to reveal a door that opens to the patio, for example.

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