Are Your Windows Ready for Summer?

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Summer is the season Australia is probably best known for overseas, but for those that have to live in the country, summer can be a huge pain. Not only does it bring quite unbearable heat but it can dramatically increase your electricity costs. Air conditioners, fans and extra showers can all add up to larger utility bills than you would be used to in most of the year. That is why you should consider an update to your windows to help keep costs low.

1. How Can Windows Help?

Windows are where the largest transfer of heat happens in most homes, as they are very thin and allow the outside temperature to affect the cool air you are trying to keep inside your house. Next time it is particularly hot outside, just touch one of your windows and you will feel the heat difference from your internal temperature. This heat drain can cost you a lot of money, as your air conditioners and fans will have to work much harder to try to keep up with the consistent loss of cool air. That is why double and triple glazed windows are so important.

2. What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows use two sheets of glass positioned very close to one another but with a tiny space of air and other gasses in between. This space in between acts as a natural insulator, thereby keeping the transfer of temperature much lower between the inside and outside of your home. Double glazed windows ensure that your house stays cool in summer and also warm in winter, saving you a bunch in heating and cooling costs. However, they do need to be installed by professionals who are familiar with their bulkier size and shape.

3. What Does the Window Installation Process Entail?

While double glazed windows look quite normal when they are installed, it is that window installation process where you need to be extra careful. Because they are so big and heavy, you should consider working with a professional window installation contractor. Many window retailers also provide installation services for an additional fee, and that is generally your best bet. Never try to install a window on your own, especially if it is on the second storey or above. Not only is that a major health risk but you will damage your newly bought (and more expensive) double glazed windows.