How to Choose the Best Security Lock for Your Sliding Patio Door

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Sliding glass doors come with a major vulnerability: They have standard locking mechanisms which feature simple latch locks. These offer minimal security, are easy to manipulate and can expose your home to intruders. Therefore, if you want to secure your patio door and protect your valuables, you need to replace the existing lock on your glass door with a high-security one. Keep reading to find out some of the best types of locks you can use on your sliding patio door.

Cylinder Lock

Deadbolt locks are some of the best choices in the market for securing a sliding door. A single-cylinder deadbolt lock will do a great job of securing your home. This features a key slot on the exterior side and a knob or turning mechanism of some sort on the interior side. Any person trying to access the door from the outside will need keys. However, if you're opening from the inside, you can use the knob. 

If you want higher security, you can opt for a double-cylinder deadbolt which requires you to use a key when opening the door from inside and outside the house. When buying a cylinder lock, go for a high-quality one that's constructed using toughened steel as it is hard to manipulate. Also, get a deadbolt with concealed anti-theft screws. These make it hard to tamper with the lock and are great burglar-deterrent features.

Security Bar Lock

Cylinder locks are excellent for security, but some door frames do not have provisions for their installation. If your sliding patio door can't hold a deadbolt lock, you can opt for a security bar one. This features a bar that's placed on the bottom of the sliding door. It restricts the sliding track when the door is in the locked position. Since it is located on the interior side, an intruder wouldn't be able to access it.

To open the door, you only need to lift the bar and set it vertically on the side of the door. Security bars can be used as auxiliary locks to complement the standard latch lock that comes with a sliding door. If you have kids, you can buy one with a childproofing tab which makes it difficult for children to lift the bar.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are not just designed for front doors and safes. You can install one on your sliding patio door as well. There are various types of smart locks you can buy. There are keyless ones which feature a keypad for inputting the unlocking code. Others have Bluetooth and geofencing capabilities, allowing you to open the door using a smart device. Some locks even have remote controls, alarms and motion sensors. 

Home security has advanced dramatically over the years, and there are various options for securing your sliding patio door. Whichever locking mechanism you choose, work with an expert for proper installation.

For further details, reach out to a sliding door hardware supplier near you.