6 Signs That Your Sliding Doors Need Replacement

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Installing a sliding door on your patio definitely sets the tone on how much you can enjoy your patio. While sliding doors are durable by design, at some point you might need to replace them.

Here are some signs that your sliding doors need replacement.

They Are Hard to Open

The sliding door, as its name suggests should open smoothly on its track. Maintaining optimal levels of cleanliness will avoid dirt build-up, which could otherwise prevent the doors from sliding back and forth. If you have been maintaining cleanliness in this area and your door is still difficult to open, this could be a sign of worn-out rollers in the track.

You should then seek a sliding door replacement service. 

Visible Signs of Damage

One obvious sign that it's time to replace the sliding door is visible signs of breakage or damage. If you notice a broken frame, you need to replace it. If the only damage is to the glass, then you could keep the structure and only replace the glass panes. This heavily relies on the type of sliding doors, the structure and the extent of the damage.

It is likely that you will need to replace the entire apparatus. 

Failure to Close or the Way or Lock

If you try to lock your sliding door and it does not sit flush against the frame when closed or it doesn't lock, then something is not right. It poses a security threat to your home and calls for an immediate sliding door replacement. 


The sliding door should protect your home from the outside elements. Check the doors during and after rainstorms to check for any evidence of leaks. If you notice moisture around the door, inside your home or trapped between the glass panes, it is definitely time to replace your sliding doors. 

Gaps Around the Door

If you notice gaps around your sliding door, then you need to replace them soonest possible. They cause your home to lose its energy efficiency. They also make it easy for an intruder to break into your home. It could result from poor installation. Instead of going for a quick repair, look into replacing it with a new energy-efficient sliding glass door. 

Your Sliding Door Comes Off the Frame

Your sliding door should never tilt or come off the door frame. If this happens, the sliding door will not close or open properly and will be easy to break into. In addition, moving such a door back and forth is a safety hazard as it could come off and cause an injury.

Pay attention to the working of your sliding door. Replace it if need be to protect your home from security breaches and energy inefficiency.