A Guide on Automotive Window Tinting

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Would you want to tint your car windows? Other than improving the appeal of your vehicle, tinted windows will help increase privacy as you drive. Besides, it allows you to leave sensitive and expensive items inside the car since thieves cannot see what is inside the vehicle. 

Other benefits of tinted windows include the following:

  1. Quality window tint will reduce the amount of heat entering your vehicle during hot days. It goes a long way in protecting the dashboard from cracks and wrapping. Besides, it reduces the need for air conditioning.
  2. Some tint films block UV rays, protecting you from sunburns as you drive.
  3. In case of an accident, the tinting film will prevent the window from shattering and injuring you.
  4. Some films are also designed to be bulletproof. These films contain a plastic layer that prevents the window from breaking when hit by a specific amount of force.

Read the excerpt below to learn the various considerations you should make when tinting your car windows. 

Local Laws

Check regulations to know the acceptable car tinting levels. For instance, you may or may not be allowed to tint your windshield. Some places limit the amount of tint you can use on your rear windows to ensure police can see what you are transporting. It is a way to improve the safety of your passengers and reduce kidnappings. 


As a rule, you should go for high-quality car tint. Conduct some online research to identify companies that manufacture high-quality products. Besides, you could consult with friends who have installed tint on their car windows. Avoid cheap-low quality products that will fade after a few months of use. Reputable companies will offer guarantees on their products. 


Your needs will determine what shade of film you will install. For instance, the windshield and rear window should not be heavily tinted. Otherwise, you will have reduced visibility when driving at night. Vehicles used to transport VIPs will have a heavy tint to improve their security as they travel.


As a rule, the tint should be installed by an experienced and qualified professional. Most car body workshops will install the film for a small price. Installation takes a few minutes, but you will have to let the film dry.

Clean your tinted windows regularly to remove dirt spots. You could use glass cleaner or a soft cloth and some water. Abrasive chemicals such as ammonia-based cleaners will damage your tint. 

Quality tint will increase your privacy and keep your car cool and secure. When installing a window tint, check the laws, insist on quality product and ask a professional to install the film.

To learn more, contact an automotive window tinting professional.