Top Benefits of Plantation Shutters

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Revamping the windows to your home requires time, money and, most importantly, taste. You can have time and money, but if you lack taste, decorating your windows will not be worth the investment. Different window shutter options are available, and plantation shutters are one of those options. This article highlights the benefits of plantation shutters over other types of shutters and screens. Read on.


Windows come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Some have elegant frames, while others are simply plain. It is crucial to remember that blinds and curtains tend to hide the window frame from view. However, why would you want to hide beautifully crafted and elegant window frames from view by installing blinds and curtains? Any homeowner that wants their window to stand out would want to show them off. This is where plantation shutters score high. Their design allows you to fold them back, thereby revealing your beautiful window frames. Moreover, plantation shutters can turn awkward windows into a focal point rather than a nuisance to hide from guests.

Style Versatility

Plantation shutters come in a variety of styles, and you cannot go wrong with any kind. Full-height plantation shutters are designed to cover the entire window, and they open as a unit. This style is best for a homeowner that wants complete privacy while still allowing in natural light. Café-style plantation shutters, on the other hand, only cover the bottom half of the window, thereby providing enough privacy to the lower sections of a room. The uncovered top part of the window allows for more natural light; therefore, these shutters are excellent for bathrooms. Tier-on-tier plantation shutters look like the full-height design, but they operate differently. As the name suggests the top and bottom sections of the tier-on-tier shutter design open and close independent of one another, thereby providing you with the versatility you need.

Installed Inside or Outside

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, if a house were a person, then the windows would be the eyes and they would tell a lot about the interior environment. As such, keeping windows looking elegant from the outside is essential to a home's overall exterior aesthetics. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve this with blinds or curtains because you cannot install them outside your windows. However, plantation shutters make this possible because they can be installed either on the inside or outside. Putting them on the outside frame of your windows creates kerb appeal.

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