Choosing Your Blinds

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Choosing to improve the physical appearance of your windows with roller blinds is a decision you will not regret. However, you will only not regret it if you choose the right type of blinds for your intended application.

Apart from the price tag on the blinds and the expected cost of installation, there are certain real-life aspects that you will need to think of in a bid to make a sound investment with regards to your chosen window treatment.

Find a few of these aspects below.

Cost of Maintenance

Most roller blinds available in today's market operate on one of three mechanisms. The most affordable blinds operate using a side pull chain whose manipulation allows for opening and closing of the blinds.

The side chain on roller blinds is made of either metal or plastic. Metallic chains are prone to rust and will probably need to be replaced more often than chains made of plastic.

Consider the Safety of Young Ones

Roller blinds that operate using the side pull chain mechanism are often the most affordable but not necessarily the safest option.

Your children will probably have to operate the blinds at one point and the presence of the side pull chain might expose them to the risk of strangulation if they choose to play with it.

Motorized roller blinds operate using a battery-powered motor which is rechargeable. This would be a much better option if child safety is a major concern for anyone looking to invest in roller blinds.

Special Location Considerations

If you intend to have roller blinds installed on your kitchen and bathroom windows, you should consider investing in specialised blinds whose features are made with the two indoor spaces in mind.

For kitchen windows, you might want to spend a little extra for flame-retardant fabric on your blinds. This is due to the ever-present exposure of these blinds to naked flames within the kitchen environment.

For the bathroom, it is advisable to settle for blind material that has a higher moisture resistance considering that the blinds will be constantly exposed to a wet environment.

Another alternative would be to invest in blinds made of PVC instead of fabric for the kitchen and bathroom areas. PVC is made with a high degree of fire and moisture resistance and it is bound to outlive a large number of alternative blind fabric material. Don't be blind, choose the right type of blinds.

For more information about blinds, contact a local window treatment service.