What Features Make Sliding Patio Doors a Great Choice?

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Across the country, homeowners prefer sliding patio doors to just about any other type of glazed entranceway. Although you can opt for some very cool looking bi-folding doors or classy French doors, sliding door suppliers still attract plenty of customers throughout Australia. This is because glazed sliding doors provide certain benefits. What are the main features you should be looking out for when you talk to your sliding door supplier about replacing your current one?

Improved Security Measures

Many sliding door suppliers in Australia provide very high-class locking mechanisms these days. Some people used to be put off the idea of a glazed patio door which slides from side to side because they created a potentially vulnerable point of access for intruders. These days, however, sliding doors are much, much more secure than they ever used to be. You can find those which will have extremely difficult to pick locks and some which can be double-locked. Furthermore, many sliding patio doors are now secured at more than one point around the frame. This means that they cannot be easily forced open even if the lock is drilled out.

Big Glass, Small Bills

Sliding patio doors will allow you to enjoy glazing that reaches all the way from the floor to the highest point in the room, close to the ceiling. This makes them preferable compared to other sorts of doors because they allow more light to come into your home. What's more, you can enjoy uninterrupted views over your patio area and the rest of your garden with bigger sections of glass. However, greater expanses of glazing mean that more heat is consequently lost in winter. Therefore, you should ask your sliding door supplier about the possibility of fitting triple-glazed units for you. The addition of an extra layer of glass will make a significant impact on the thermal insulation of your doors. In short, they will trap more heat inside, thereby helping to lower your energy bills.

Superb Framing Materials

Sliding doors can come with a number of different framing materials these days. In the past, you would have been stuck with wooden frames or those which have been manufactured out of uPVC. Although there is nothing wrong with those materials, you should also consider the benefits of aluminium. This is a robust metal which will last a lifetime. However, it is also extremely lightweight which means that moving your sliding door back and forth becomes a breeze — something well with the considering if you have diminishing strength in your upper body.