How to Get More Light Into Your Room Without Adding Windows

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Rooms which have more natural light flowing into them feel better to be in. You are more likely to spend more time in a room in your house if it feels lighter and airier. This is especially so when you are talking about reception rooms, but it can equally apply to bedrooms and even your kitchen. If you would like to get more natural sunlight into your home but you do not want to add extra windows, then what are your main options?


One of the principal benefits of adding skylights in a domestic setting is that they function very much like windows, but you are usually not overlooked when they are installed. Most windows allow neighbours and passers-by in the street to look into your home. However, with a skylight installation, you'd have to be high up in order to look inside. The fact that skylights face upwards is another plus because this means that they are able to convey more sunlight into your home than an average vertically installed window of the same size. 

Bigger Windows

You may not have enough structural integrity in your home's walls to add extra windows, but this does not mean that bigger expanses of glazing are not possible. By simply replacing your current windows with larger ones, you will allow more light to flood in. Add height to your windows, if possible, to maximise the effect.

Light Tubes

These devices are often fitted into the roof of a building and will convey light through a highly polished pipe to another location in your home. As such, they are extremely useful for internal rooms which have no windows at all and where none can be fitted. Although light tubes work best when they are facing upwards from a roofline, you can obtain some which can be fitted on the side of your house, too.

Glazed Doors

Finally, it is worth considering the possibility of installing glazed doors. If you have an external door in your room, then simply adding glazing to it will allow more light in without the need for a new window. Alternatively, you should think about how a glazed internal door might allow for greater levels of light, instead. Most internal glazed doors will allow more sunlight to pass from one room into the next, giving your home an airier feel.

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