Which Frames Will Be Best for Your Double-Glazed Windows?

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If you are considering upgrading the windows of your home with double-glazed versions, then there are several different materials you can choose for their frames. When it comes to modern double-glazed windows, there is very little to choose from when it comes to the glass itself. Although you can obtain frosted glazing for bathrooms and so on, nearly all double-glazed windows are made with conventional panes these days. So, unless you are choosing tinted windows for some reason, your main decision will be what sort of frame you want. What are the main options available these days?


Although wooden frames are sometimes seen as old-fashioned, it is still possible to have new ones made when buying double-glazed windows. They suit all sorts of homes in the country but are particularly attractive if you own an older-style property. Wooden window frames have a warm feel to the touch, which is why many people prefer them. However, they do not last as long as other sorts of material. What's more, you will need to paint them every few years to keep them in mint condition.


A lot of people like aluminium frames for double-glazed windows because aluminium is a stylish material that looks good inside and out. The silvery finish of aluminium is particularly attractive if you have a modern home or one that has been designed as a one-off by an architect. What's more, aluminium is incredibly tough, so it offers high levels of security. Additionally, you can enjoy narrower frame profiles because it is so strong. This means that more of the window is taken up by glazing rather than the framework. In turn, this results in more light being able to get into your home. Aluminium is a bit more expensive than some of the other options available to you, however.


Many windows are made with uPVC frames. This is because it is a relatively cheap way to manufacture glazing units. UPVC is a plastic that is simply extruded to form the profiles that frames are made from. These are then just cut to the desired length to suit the dimensions of the window concerned. Furthermore, you have to do very little to look after it. Just a wipe down once in a while is all that is required for uPVC to last for at least a couple of decades, if not more. One drawback is that it is not as aesthetically pleasing as either wooden frames or those made from aluminium, but that does not put many people off.

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