Why Spend a Bit More on Double Glazing For Your Home?

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If your home's windows need to be replaced or you are building a new residence and deciding on which sort of windows to fit, then you may be tempted to spend a little less and go for single panes of glass. Although double glazing is now the norm in nearly all parts of the country, you can still obtain single-glazed units almost everywhere. However, doing so can be a false economy because double-glazed windows offer a number of advantages. What are they?

To begin with, double-glazed windows prevent heat losses from your home to the outside during the winter months. Whenever you turn your heating on, there are never inevitably losses through your ceiling, your walls, and most importantly, your windows. However, by fitting windows with two layers of glass and a vacuum between them, these losses can be minimised. In short, double-glazed windows will pay for themselves over time because your heating bills will be reduced. What's more, they also offer the same benefit during the hot summer months when you do not want your home to overheat from the higher temperature outside. This, too, can mean reducing your utility bills because you have to turn your air conditioning on less often.

Another big advantage of double glazing is that it cuts down extraneous noise from outside. If you live somewhere where there are noises nearby which might disturb you, double glazing is much more effective than single glazing. Typically, people who live near roads where there is lots of traffic, airports or other transportation infrastructure hubs will benefit from cutting out such noise. However, it can be just as effective if you happen to have noisy neighbours who might keep you up at night without it.

Although double glazing units cost a little bit more than buying single-glazed ones, they retain more residual value. In other words, when you fit them to your home, they will add to its overall valuation compared to single-glazed ones. If you ever decide to sell your home, then double glazing will be a feature that many would-be buyers are looking for, and consequently, they should be seen as an investment rather than a mere expenditure. Every dollar you invest in double glazing will be recouped when you sell your home so long as you keep them in good condition — something that is easy to do with the modern materials, like UPVC, they are made from today.