Are Exterior Shutters A Necessity Or An Unnecessary Splurge?

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If you have already invested in indoor window treatments for your home, you could be thinking that exterior shutters are an optional purchase that will simply be a waste of money. Why would you need outdoor shutters when you already have curtains on the inside? The truth, though, is that your exterior window treatments could prove to be more functional than your interior ones, more so if your windows are furnished only by drapery. The outdoor window treatments are highly functional, and it may surprise you that they are capable of saving you money in the end! Before you write off these window treatments as an unnecessary buy, contemplate the following two reasons why you should view exterior shutters as a fundamental inclusion to your home.

Fortification of energy efficiency

You have a myriad of changes you can make to your home to ensure that it is as energy-efficient as possible. Nevertheless, if you are not focusing your efforts on your windows, then your home could still be experiencing thermal loss and gain when the ambient temperatures rise and fall. One sure-fire way of addressing this problem is by installing exterior shutters. These structures help in fortifying your energy efficiency in a couple of ways. First, when the shutters are closed, they function as window insulation. This prevents thermal loss during the cold season, which mitigates the need for artificial heating. Secondly, during the summer, keeping the shutters open allows a breeze to ventilate your home when the temperatures rise and reduces the need for complete reliance on your air conditioning system. Hence, investing in exterior shutters will progressively decrease your energy bills.

Customised appearance for reinforcing kerb appeal

Every homeowner wants his or her house to be the centre of attraction on the street. And while you can engage in landscaping projects to make your yard look stunning, unattractive windows will detract from the overall appeal of your residence. The good news is that you can easily update the appearance of your house by choosing to install exterior shutters. To begin with, these shutters are available in a range of materials that can be customised into an array of styles. Thus, if your home is characterised by its rustic appeal, you could choose timber board and batten shutters that add a country touch to the house. On the other hand, homeowners that have integrated a contemporary feel to their home will find fixed louvred shutters with thin slats will complement this architectural design. It is worth noting that when you match your exterior shutters to your home and subsequently improve its kerb appeal, this automatically increases the value of the property. Therefore, if you choose to sell the house, the shutters will help with bolstering your profit.