Why Choose Aluminium Windows For Your Home?

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Although aluminium architectural windows are nothing new — they have been installed in buildings since the 1930s, after all — they have certainly taken off in terms of their popularity in recent decades. There are plenty of different materials you can choose for the frames of architectural windows. However, aluminium will often stand out compared to other options thanks to a number of its properties. If you are due to replace the windows of your home and want a more architecturally pleasing look, then why would you select aluminium windows?

The Look of Aluminium

To begin with, aluminium has a very attractive silvery look. When it oxidises, it still looks very pleasant so you can fit it and never have to give it any sort of treatment to keep it looking shiny. That said, aluminium window frames can also be powder coated which means that you can have them in any colour that you think will suit the look of the rest of your home. Some people give them a coating of lacquer which will offer some protection from knocks and bumps but it does not really affect the architectural look of these sorts of window frames.

High Tensile Strength

One of the chief benefits of modern aluminium windows is that you can install very large panes of glass with it indeed. This is because aluminium has a high tensile strength which means that it does not bend under its own weight and will be able to support even heavier triple-glazed window units of considerable size. Because it is lightweight, you will often find that it is preferred by architects who are designing very tall buildings where weight can be an issue. In residences, being light yet strong simply means that you can have larger expanses of glass than you would otherwise be able to enjoy.

Thermal Insulation

In the past, aluminium windows were often overlooked because they were thought to act poorly as insulators. Although it is fair to say that aluminium window frames do transfer heat from the inside to the outside — and vice versa — they no longer suffer from this problem in the way that they used to. Modern aluminium windows are usually supplied with some form of thermal break technology built into them which prevents the heat inside your home being radiated outside. Not only does this help to reduce your heating bills by minimising losses but it also means that the inside of your home should not overheat in the summer months when the sun is beating down on the frames of your newly installed windows.